A Non-Manifesto Manifesto

  1. You don’t actually have to choose between apples and oranges! You can like them both!
  2. Not liking apples does not increase your enjoyment of oranges!
  3. If you do not like apples, you do not have to tell people who do like them that they are wrong!
  4. If someone tells you that you are not a real apple-lover for whatever reason – you can safely ignore them. There is no constitution or rulebook that explains who is a “real apple-lover.”
  5. Likewise, if someone says you don’t really “get” apples – you can safely ignore them. There are many ways to “get” apples.
  6. Both saints and sinners like apples. Again, there are no rules involved in part of the apple loving people. Being kind is certainly a bonus – but you can be a jerk if you want … your choice! (Just remember, if you plant ice, you’re gonna harvest wind…)

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